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Our passion

  • Veterans

    Valuable information..from getting tickets to amusement parks, information on claims or some great Veteran owned businesses we work with. Have a question regarding benefits.. send us an email…

    Veterans Info- Click here 
  • Comics

    Whether you’re looking for budget comics or higher end slabs. We have you covered with a wide variety of signed comics with COA’s as well as budget comics. Looking for something special? Send us a message..

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  • The Choices Made

    A podcast about life’s choices, situations that were meant to break us and how those who endured overcame the mental battles. Hear stories of everyday people who just want to tell their story.

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How it started

Fishing was therapy to me. Gearing up for the trip, the anticipation, early morning rise, the execution, the hunting and beers after. I said one day “ why not figure out a way to take other Veterans with me to experience this”… Thankfully 4 years later with your support and each purchase we can continue our mission to make a difference..

Dustin Everett

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